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Save the Date

Save the Date is all about important dates in our life, either it's our birthday, the start of spring, the wedding anniversary or any other special date that get stored in our inner memory. We invited 12 artists to illustrate a month that's special to them: ⁠ Pointless Illustrations, Vicente Niro, Catarina Glam, Itsacat Studio, Lalasaïdko, Lara Luís, Ate Crew, Min, Adamastor, Twee Muizen, Andy Calabozo e Projeto Ruído. The result is 12 risograph prints and a special 2023 calendar.

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        Twee Muizen - Save The Date


        Adamastor - Save The Date


        Lalasaïdko - Save The Date


        Itsacat - Save The Date


        Ruído - Save The Date


        Lara Luís - Save The Date


        Min - Save The Date


        Vicent Nirō - Save The Date

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