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Thiago Goms

Thiago is a street artist from São Paolo (Brazil) known for creating cat-themed murals. Influenced by cartoons and graffiti he saw in the streets, Goms started drawing at young age. While he mainly used spray cans for his artworks when he first started working as a muralist, he switched to using acrylic, which he considers to resemble a more canvas-like look and feel. His work is featured as part of the opening of URBAN NATION Museum in 2017. Over the years the small illustrations he had done in his notebooks eventually out-grew their paper-made background and ended up on walls around his hometown. In love with cats, which he considers to be the ultimate symbol of freedom for many of them are not domesticated, he created anthropomorphic characters, human-like bodies with cat-like features. Goms has worked on walls and projects around the globe, including countries like Germany, Spain, Serbia and Austria.

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