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The Caver

The Caver was born in Lisbon in 1983, and has been painting the streets since the age of 15. He has developed a unique style that goes through constant updates, currently crossing a phase with simple and contrasting forms, but with a complex mix of graphic elements in order to create a strong composition of enigmatic content. In his artistic career he worked as a designer, illustrator and tattoo artist, doing projects for major brands and also individuals. Although he has spent several years working in these arts, he admits that the streets are his favorite office, investing a lot of his time in murals throughout Portugal and in other countries.

The Caver - Rock The Bells


The Caver - Doggy Dog


The Caver - Looking Forward


Custom Rug


Cap The Caver


T-shirt The Caver


Graffiti Comedy Comix Fanzine


The Caver x Arde - Protect Ya Neck


The Caver - Protect Ya Neck


The Caver - Guide Me


The Caver - Bombing 1


The Caver - Bombing 2


The Caver - Freedom


The Caver - Free From Fear


The Caver - The World Is Ours


The Caver - Bad: Run From Cops


The Caver - Bad: Ruin Clothes