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This French artist known for her Bubble style, plays on paper since childhood and on walls since 201, when she discovered graffiti thanks to hip-hop music. Inspired by modern and traditional Japanese culture, manga and poetic nature she creates fun curved shapes in pop and pastel colors that build her Bubbleboy, Maneki Neko and others Lucky Bubbles characters. Pink, funny eyes, and the cat is a recurring character in her work. Besides illustration and urban paiting, he does couture and pottering.

Lalasaïdko - Bondage Hentai Gyal


Lalasaïdko - Save The Date


Lalasaidko - Winter is Coming - Botas


Lalasaïdko - Bubble Sushi - Tote-bag


Lalasaïdko - Sticker Sheet


Lalasaïdko - Bubble Yokai


Lalasaïdko - Sushi Serie


Lalasaïdko - Lolita Yokai - Ecchi Gyal