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Mantraste, the son of a hairdresser and a shepherd, was raised in the woods like a beast. He is a freelance illustrator and has been raising the bar of quality with every work he delivers. The use of color is a virtue but to do it like Mantraste is an innate talent. His pieces have already toured all over the country and he is also responsible for the design of events such as MAGA festival or the Ofelia festival. Graduated in Illustration and Master in Graphic Design, he currently teaches graphic illustration and printing techniques at ETIC and Lusófona, both in Lisbon. He likes popular mysticism and nature, and he lives hidden doing graphic design and illustration.

Lord Mantraste - O Galador


Lord Mantraste - O Viril


Lord Mantraste - Oferenda a Virgem


Lord Mantraste - A procissão


Lord Mantraste - Viola Braguesa


Lord Mantraste - A Virgem


Bottled Up Feelings - Lord Mantraste


Lord Mantraste - Bai no Batalha


Mantraste - Ultimamente Tenho Estado Obsecado Com As Esporas Que Me Deram Quando Tinha 5 Anos


Mantraste - Winter is Coming - Botins


Mantraste - Winter is Coming - Botas


Mantraste - Winter is Coming - Print


Lord Mantraste - A Trindade


Lord Mantraste - Virgem


Lord Mantraste - O Viril


Lord Mantraste - Mago 3


Lord Mantraste - Mago 2