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Mr Esgar

The wonderfully bizarre works of Esgar Acelerado would go “POP! WHIZZ! BANG!” if they could make sound. He graduated in Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, and his characters bring a look of gluttony for things, gluttony for life with their frequently bulging appear- ance, with a hard and intense expression, also with a dramatic, even melancholic and hence romantic tone. His powerful use of colours, crazy typography and daring shapes are a commanding blow to the eyes, mixing the universe of comics with illustration. His influences come from old film posters, he loves to watch black and white movies and to listen to obscure rock'n'roll records.

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Esgar - Shiny Boots of Leather


All Aboard - Mr. Esgar


Mr. Esgar - Farricocos


Mr. Esgar - Andar de Cu Tremido


Mr. Esgar - Praça da Oliveira


Esgar Acelerado - III 54