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Diogo Ruas is a painter and illustrator from Portugal, Jagoda is a photographer and project coordinator originally from Poland and together they are MOTS. Their collaboration, which starts in 2017 when Jagoda joined, fused their individual approaches characterized by Diogo’s experience as an urban artist and Jagoda’s engagement in photography and social - art projects. This creative duet is traveling through the countries while leaving awesome and attention drawing artworks in the urban landscapes. MOTS integrated work into various initiatives such as social projects, educational events, solo and group exhibitions, urban interventions, street art festivals, and publications in magazines and books. The teamwork fits together perfectly and probably, MOTS is one of the best hidden secrets of Porto!

Mots - Tote Bag


Mots - Cyberry


Mots - Forma


Mots - Kanały


Mots - Who Let The Dogs Out


Mots - T-shirt


Mots - R0_Headhand 2


Mots - Konnections


Mots - Shapes 00-11


Mots - Shapes 00-22


WLTDO - Mots


Mots - Kanały Canvas