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Kruella D'Enfer - Safe Places

Remember your safe places when you were a kid? Those places where you’d go whenever you were afraid of something, remember? Your room, under the covers, a secret spot near your parents' house, your mom’s arms… Do they still exist? Are they real? Was I ever there? Will I ever go back? As you grow up, the “monsters” you feared when you where a kid evolve to new feelings: anxiety, depression, jealousy, insecurities - all reasons that make us want to be in a safe place again.

In this solo exhibition, Kruella D’Enfer allows us to travel through her creative and colourful imagination. With all kinds of materials, techniques, different shapes and sizes, “Safe Places” dives deep in this artist's childhood, showing some of her happiest memories and contrasting them with her current adult life.

“When you are going through the darkness just remember, the light is within.” - Kruella D’Enfer

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