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Arcadia by DXTR

DXTR is an illustrator and street artist based in Berlin, who started painting graffiti in '99. Part of The Weird Crew, DXTR translates his bold, vibrant style between wall and print. Featuring characters like jewel-eyed tigers, sunglasses-wearing sneaker dudes and candy-colored astro skulls, DXTR's work is wild yet wickedly clean. He worked for clients such as Amnesty Interna- tional, Adobe, Nike, Disney, among many others and exhibited in cities all over the world.

Arcadia" is a solo show by @dxtrtheweird, about Arcade Games and oldschool gaming nostalgia. You can expect to see your favorite 80's and 90's game characters in his distinct style. It opens on October 31st and will be on display until December 4th 2020.

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