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Oker - Dudes - Circus Network
Oker - Dudes - Circus Network
Oker - Dudes - Circus Network

Oker - Dudes

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Artist: Oker
Size: 32 x 41 cm
Technique: Mixed
Edition: Original Artwork 1/1
Year: 2017

In the national graffiti scene, Oker (Mário Fonseca) needs no introduction. His distinctive style, precise outlines and fertile imagination make him one of Porto's leading writers. He tries to show different aesthetic approaches in his works but always maintaining a very unique style, attracting interest from big brands like Super Bock or Red Bull. Visually, he is a breath of fresh air with colorful letters, illustrations of organic lines, animated characters and abstract textures that give his compositions a clean look. Oker is one of those artists who makes the most complex challenge look like a child's play. Oker Original Artwork. This 32x41cm painting was made using mixed media in 2017 by the portuguese artist Oker. It is for sale for only 110€. 


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